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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a richmond housing project rocked by gunfire tonight. three people are dead. what police say happened inside this single room of a man's apartment. dozens of guns swept off the streets. the successful strategy to get people to surrender their
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weapons. and hollywood's most glamorous get excited for the royals. event that brought out the stars tonight. a hail of gunfire inside a single room and tonight three people are dead. police were called to a home in a housing project in richmond's iron triangle neighborhood. andre is at the crime scene. >> reporter: that's right, ann. police have identified and taken into custody one adult male. he is a person of interest, they are not calling him a suspect. he's connected to this still active crime scene here in north richmond. these folks in richmond, another weekend of violence. >> this boy in the gray hat mourns the loss of his brother. one of three young men killed earlier this evening. >> many people thought one suspect shot and killed everybody, that's not the case. >> captain mark of the
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richmond police department was tight lipped on details as this is an open case, except to say they have one person of interest who is in custody and who does not have a history of violence. >> we have with the tree people who and one person at the station, we have everybody involved in this situation. >> that's a little comfort to residents, like this woman in white. her daughter was killed in 2008. she wouldn't talk on camera, but she says they are tired of the killing and that quote, they need help. referring to the richmond police department. >> we have seen a lot of strides in the last three years to where we had a 60% reduction in homicides last year and when things like this happen, we had several shootings and another incident. it's a reminder that the potential is there. >> police have identified all three of the victims. the first is 36-year-old michael anderson who lived at this house. the other is 19-year-old donte of oakland. the third, an unidentified man
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age 28. police don't know why the three men were at anderson's house this evening and they don't know what caused the gun battle. but they are hoping this person of interest who is in custody and being questioned tonight will help them answer those questions. reporting live, cbs 5. >> thank you very much. and a 17-year-old boy is facing charges tonight of stealing a hummer, fleeing police, and causing a crash that seriously injured a child. pecked up the chase on i-80 when fairfield police alerted them. the driver led them off the freeway on to vallejo streets. at redwood parkway and broadway, the driver lost control and hit several cars. among the injured was a five- year-old and his mother. the driver hit three more cars sitting at a light injuring eight more people. the teen is facing a long list of charges, including car theft, felony hit-and-run and driving without a license. >> a hayward man is arrested
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after firing at officers. officers tracked him from a restaurant where he got into a violent altercation to an apartment complex. police say the man fired several shots at them, but they didn't return fire because of children in his car. during an hour of negotiations, the man shot himself in the head. tonight he is hospitalized in critical condition. dozens of guns are off the streets in one city tonight. police in east palo alto offered an incentive. many found it hard to refuse. what's behind the success of their gun buy back program. >> this man came to the gun buyback in east palo alto for two reasons, cash and conscious. he's turning in two handguns. >> somebody owed me something. >> so they gave you guns? >> as collateral. >> the guns are in police custody no questions asked. each gun exchanged for a $100 gift card. though many here are worth much more than that. >> do you know how much it's worth? >> i think it's about like
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$600. >> and you're turning it in for $100? >> no use for it. >> i wanted it removed in a proper way. that was the more important thing. >> this man drove an hour to cash in on an old rifle that doesn't even work. >> hey, i can get $100 for it, that's about $99 more than it was worth. >> do you feel like your program is taking advantage of? >> no. when somebody shows up with 50 guns and they are all barely working, maybe i'll consider that, but a gun from concord, absolutely not. >> the guns they've seen turned in today, a wide range from simple handguns to semi- automatic military style rifles. now they'll all be burned. the program funded by city money has been in place for three years. it was inspired by an accidental shooting that killed a two-year-old. >> we're not expecting all the bad guys to come and turn in
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their guns. >> is there a magazine to go with it? >> they want fewer of them around. >> why are you getting rid of them? >> i have the police to protect me. >> cbs 5. and police tell us people turned in 75 guns today. >> checking other bay area headlines, oakland police hit the streets today freshly reorganized. officers are all in patrol cars, no more motorcycles. 15 surgeons joined the patrols. splitting coverage of the city into two geographic regions instead of three. san francisco police are trying to figure out how an elderly man drove his car backwards into a building. it happened just after 5:00 p.m. near the bart station. the man was trying to park his car, but traveled backwards down a hill into a law office. fortunately, no one was injured. remember these pictures? the santa crew harbor? now the city is ready to begin repairs and is hiring workers.
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a $1.4 million federal grant will hire to pay 57 workers. the jobs are expected to last six months. : prince william and his wife katherine are in southern california. sandra hughs says tonight their adoring fans were some of hollywood's biggest stars. >> the crowd waited for hours to catch a glimpse of prince william and his wife, katherine, erupting in cheers when they arrived at the theater. it was a chance for real royalty and hollywood royalty to meet. a who's who in tinsel town turned out for the black tie affair. >> we have the big ones tonight. >> you can't say how do you do? >> the duke and duchess are promoting british talent here in the u.s. >> when american and british talent get together, magic happens. let's continue the winning formula. >> it was a glamorous evening
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after a day of play for a good cause. the polo match in santa barbara was a charity benefiting prince william and prince harry's foundation. prince william dazzled spectators while his wife watched from the sidelines. led his team to victory, scoring four goals and a good thing, too. >> i'm not a good leader. >> katherine presented her husband's team with the winner's trophy from tiffany. their california tour wraps up sunday with a visit to a nonprofit academy in l.a. skid row. and a job fair for u.s. veterans. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. >> another quake and another evacuation in coastal japan. how the country reacted to the latest shaking. >> a lot of chaos. >> and another survivor story after last weekend's fishing trip stradegy.
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nt-3 quake was a powerful earthquake rocked japan tonight. a magnitude 7.3 quake was centered offshore in the same area devastated by a quake and tsunami in march. coastal residents were warned to evacuate including the fukushima power plant. there's no indication of additional damage to the plant. the tsunami warning was issued, but the wave action was minor. the u.s. coast guard completed its fifth search for a missing fisherman in mexico sea of cortez today. the coast guard canvassed more than 3,000 square miles, but found no signs of the men missing since sunday when their fishing charter boat sank. today we heard from another survivor of the tragedy. chief charles gibson with the district describes what happened after being knocked
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into the water without a life jacket. >> a lot of chaos, because it was pitch black. the ship went down and it was dark. there was a smell of diesel, the burning fuel on your body. not knowing where you were. >> gibson said watching the ship sink reminded him of the titanic. the search will continue tomorrow. mexican authorities are asking the u.s. to send special dive teams to help. >> the shuttle astronauts made quick to do lists. they used the shuttle's 50-foot robot arm to inspect the heat shield. the only glitch, the eye chart for a vision test. atlantis four person crew is prepared to dock with the international space station tomorrow. even before the atlantis returns to earth all across this country pending layoffs launched thousands of nasa workers into uncertainty. mark on the former employees
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struggling to find work. >> we are there with you now. you look great. >> we're all crammed in. >> aboard atlantis, they are the final four. the last four shuttle astronauts. a bitter squeak mission and milestone for nasa employees. he has developed nasa space suit for almost 50 years. >> it's not a one person activity, this is represent of team work of folks. > now the team is breaking up. from texas to florida, more than 9,000 shuttle jobs are going away. new jobs are scarce. >> frustrating. >> glenn lost his shuttle job. he's part of nasa's brain drain a. 55-year-old mechanical engineer prowling this aerospace jobs expo. >> companies are not interested in hiring somebody at my age. >> out of the business where advocating. >> gene was the last man to
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walk on the moon in 1972. he and other legendary apollo astronauts, neil armstrong and jim wrote that america's space program is falling in disarray with no clear cut mission. >> there's no objective. there's no timetable. there's no goal and there's no mission. >> but garrett sees hope for space travel's future. so this former astronaut quit nasa to help a california company design the shuttle successor. >> promises of science fiction of the 1960s and 50s of taking vacations on mars, we can get there. that's what is so exciting about it. >> most employees will have a much harder time finding work. this year at the johnson space center alone, 1100 jobs will disappear. mark, cbs news, houston. >> it wasn't the kind of stage show rihanna fans were expecting in dallas last night. looking at video shot at the american airlines center. the fire appears to be started
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by pyrotechnicks that were started by the show. erica martin with our weekend weather forecast, a sweater. a will the of people around the bay area need to bundle up. >> we also have chances of drizzle as well and due to the low pressure system working its way into the forecast. we started out with triple digits and ending with below average high temperatures. here's a look outside. we are not seeing much as far as the visuals, but some clouds just starting to build over the coast there. some low clouds as well as fog. as we take a look what we can expect for today, it's going to start to make its way into the forecast region. we have the on shore flow and a cooldown. so we do have below average high temperatures. that is going to move far inland and push on in so we can see that marine layer start to
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build and push on in and increase throughout the next couple of days. we can expect temperatures between the high 50s and high 80s. we have that a.m. fog, reaching the inland areas. for tonight, temperatures lingering below average. we have 54. san francisco 52 for you. the pollen report, high for trees, moderate to high for grasses. that may affect some of us because we have those breezy conditions that will certainly kick that pollen all urned. the expected highs for tomorrow, 76. we have 70s around the bay. 60s and 50s for the coast. as we move into brentwood, 86 degrees. antioch 84 for you. and let's take a look at north bay. temperatures cool. sai know ma at 80. cooler than we saw earlier this week. 80 for navado. your expected high 57 degrees. here's a look at our extended
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forecast. yeah, by friday, we'll start to see warmer temperatures, but we have warmer temperatures to contend with. >> thank you very much mr. . >> well the mounting rivers are running high and danger remains high as well. was of the snowfall they are fast moving and extremely cold. officials say swimmers, rafters, and boaters need to take caution and wading on the shore is dangerous. some lengthy stretches of the rivers are closed to the public. >> kim is here talking baseball. >> that's right. we were talking earlier about the guy that gave jeter the ball back. it's so rare. really interesting story. pablo tries to extend his hitting streak to 20 games and speaking of hits, derek jettedder bhms the 28th player to hit 3,000 hits. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some of the greatest players in history put on the pin the new york yankees have had some of the greatest players in history put on the pinstripes, but none of them reached 3,000 hits until today. >> 3-2. deep to left field. going back. looking up. see ya. 3,000, history with an exclamation point. >> the yankee captain homers for his 3,000th hit, but his day didn't end there. jeter went five for five as the
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yankees beat the ray's 5-4. jeter got the ball back from the fan that caught it. >> i do have the ball. i held it. feels like all the rest of them. >> you want to hit the ball hard. i didn't want to hit a slow roller to third base and have that be replayed for ever. i felt a lot of pressure to do it here while we were at home, so i have been lying to you for quite some time. tony gwen said the last ten are the hardest to get. it took me a month to get the last ten. i agree. >> matsui was thrilled for jeter, but wasn't planning on calling him because he'll be getting too many calls and texts from his girlfriends. tomorrow leagues try to jump start the a's in texas. they jumped out to a 5-0 lead, but it was 5-5 in the 7th when cocoa crisp puts the a's on
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top. rangers down to their final out. hit groundball to second. strays too far from first and by the time he gets back, now gives josh hamilton a chance to bat. >> here comes a pitch. a swing and a line drive. center field, way, way back. it's in the upper porch and the rangers have won it 7-6. >> rangers win their sixth straight and the a's are now 11 games out of first. giants all-star being honored before the game. pablo may be joining them in arizona as a possible injury replacement. he doubles in the first. later in the inning, bases loaded for nate. he hits a soft liner up the middle and everyone is going to be safe. the giants score twice in the
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first. tim lincecum struck out six. with brian wilson needing a night off, javier lopez team up for the night. lincecum improves to 7-7. if you were to guess which starter has the lowest earned run average, most would pick tim lincecum. ryan vogelsong's e.r.a. is the best on the staff and second lowest in the national league. last week he was named for the all star team along with lincecum, kaine, and brian wilson. >> i haven't started picking their brain too much yet. i heard there's a lot of stuff to sign, which isn't going to bother me one bit. the road i've been on, signing baseballs isn't a big deal. never in a million years did i think my name and being a major all star would go in the same
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sentence. so it's pretdty amazing. >> the kentucky speedway hosting its first ever race, jamie murray wishes he would have disappeared. kyle busch led for 125 laps and took the lead for good with three laps to go. >> o'yeah. yes, sir. yes, yes, yes, yes. yeah baby. >> kyle busch wins his third race of the year and is now the leader in the sprint cup standings. coming up, would the rain let up long enough to play golf at the women's u.s. open? and two teams find their way to the semifinals. that's next. ♪
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germany 1-nil in the world cup quarterfinals... i so much for home field advantage. it is germany's first world cup loss since 1999. in the days other quarter final england and france decided on penalty kick. eugene finds the back of the net to put the french on top and put all the pressure on england.
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>> france will take on the winner of tomorrow's u.s.a., brazil match in the semifinals. earthquake, frankie gets ejected in the second half. scoreless in the 85th minute. penalty gets deflected and hits the post. the quakes have to settle for another tie. their third in four matches. >> women's u.s. open with all the rain they had to hustle all weekend to get in as many holes as possible. shot a 4 under 67 to move to the top of the leader board. try to play 36 holes tomorrow. last year's winner is 5 strokes back. making a stop at pebble beach and no one wants to dig too big of a hole. he sinks the birdie put, leaving him 11 under for the tournament. hopf will head into the final
11:30 pm
round with a lead. >> the gentleman who give him the ball back that received ypg key tickets for the rest of the season, including playoffs. >> i really do. i think the boll cowl have close to a million dollars. the bonds ball, one went for $100,000. this std only ball in yankee history that has 3,000 hits attached to it. >> they have the money to spend on it. absolutely. good for him for giving it back. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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dollars on your wedding dress? a y could "win" finally tonight, think you have to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding dress? a little creativity could win you a thousand bucks. that's what the winner of the seventh annual toilet paper wedding dress contest took home. the winner seen on the right was designed by susan brennan of michigan. she used four rolls of toilet paper, hot glow. >> won her $500. i think that's impressive. >> one for each of us. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow at 5:30. good night. hitting the road? get real time traffic and weather together every ten minutes. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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